Brian H.
Windmere, FL

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Photography, walking a local trail, craft beer, dining, theme parks, movies

WHY WIIVV: I found Wiivv through their recent Kickstarter campaign. After finding the Kickstarter campaign, I immediately backed it. I work at a large theme park in central Florida; in my previous job there, I was constantly on my feet on concrete for very long durations (sometimes 12+ hours). Subsequently, I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot. That’s a large reason for why I backed the product, plus I love cool uses for new technologies and the price point (even the retail price) seemed worth it. I’ve told all of my old co-workers, some current co-workers, friends, and family who would benefit from the Wiivv insoles and they’ve all shown very high interest.

“I took my Wiivv BASE insoles out for a spin later the day they arrived. My first impression was “Wow!” I was really impressed at how well they aligned to my foot – just from taking photos! I have tried the Wiivv BASE insoles in 5 different pairs of shoes over the past week with over 100k steps total – one dress pair, one pair of tennis shoes, and two pair running-style shoes. They have transitioned from pair to pair comfortably. If anything, they’ve proven that I need better shoes in some cases.”

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