Matthew G.

Hobbies: Photography (, Travel, Volunteering, Hanging Out With The Two Best Teenagers In The World (who happen to be my kids)

Why Wiivv: Indiegogo ad on Facebook intrigued me, I liked a) that they were thinner than my custom orthotics and  believed that the heel cup design would make me happier as well (I was right), and b) a definite cool factor.

I’ve been wearing my Wiivvs for two or three weeks now, and I can’t tell you how happy I am. Aside from the cool factor (app, design, color & pattern selection, manufacturing process, personalization, and packaging – all cool), my feet and bio mechanics are absolutely delighted! I can wear all my footwear without having to remove the insoles. My Wiivvs are much lighter than my custom orthotics. My feet stay in place (they would sometimes move around on the slippery surface of the orthotics and because the orthotics did not cup my feet slightly the way the Wiivvs do).”

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