Traves G.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Riding motorcycles on and off road, outdoors, hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, sports, technology, gadgets, futurology, learning and education, reading

WHY WIIVV: I found Wiivv browsing kickstarter and researching the web. I ended up deciding to purchase the insoles based on my research, the price, and what I thought could be an opportunity to gain comfort in my day to day, to be involved in wearables, 3D printing, and my interests in what those things can do to make our quality of life better.

“I just wanted to let you know that my insoles are F#$%^&* AMAZING. lol, Sorry about my language but they truly do work, and well. Now that I’m using your insoles I pick up my feet while I walk, I notice my posture is a lot better, and generally, I feel a lot better. I’m an electrician so I am on my feet all day long, up and down ladders, walking on hard concrete, etc. They are a blessing.”

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