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In The News


Wiivv Wearables’ shoe insoles are just the start of custom 3D-printed bionic items | VentureBeat | Business | by Dean Takahashi The custom 3D-printed insoles from Wiivv Wearables are really something cool. My wife and kid used an iPhone to take images of their bare feet and sent them off with the Wiivv app. Then they received custom-fit insoles that helped them get rid of some nagging foot problems.


Financing evolves to let companies capitalize on the crowd | Vancouver Sun Before Guusto co-founders tried crowdfunding to raise money for online gift-giving startup, they tried the usual venture-capital routes.


SXSW Accelerator proves great launching pad for Canadian startups to take off in the U.S. | Financial Post Three Canadian startups — Beagle, MakerBloks and Wiivv — all finalists in the SXSW Accelerator award, see their participation as an opportunity for financing and building critical mass
How Wiivv’s 3D Printed Insoles Will Save Your Feet :: Tech :: Features :: Paste Wiivv’s custom, 3D printed BASE insoles could be a game changer.
Smartening up the shoe: How connected footwear will invade your life The shoe is the original wearable. It’s the one that has allowed humans to walk on tougher terrain thousands of years ago, helped the Romans conquer Europe and allow elite athletes to run hundreds of miles without turning their feet into bloodied stumps. Pretty much everyone has at least one pair, so it’s a no…
wiivv-1050x675Wiivv breaks record as most funded 3D printed product in Kickstarter history | BetaKit Wiivv Wearables, which recently closed a $3.5 million seed round, has broken the record for most funded 3D printed product following the completion of its
Wiivv BASE shoe insoles – our full Product Review | Tackl Tackl’s initial impressions and feedback on Wiivv’s 3D printed custom insoles for running and athletic use
The Business of Insoles: Support System or Rip-Off? | Outside Online They’re often billed as part of the shoe-fit system, and many claim to alleviate common foot ailments like plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Are they worth your money?
Update: Wiivv Insoles Now Most Funded 3D Printed Product on Kickstarter – 3D Printing Industry

After capping off 2015 by raising over $3.5 million in a seed funding round, Vancouver-based bionics company Wiivv Wearables is just about ready to slip their BASE insoles into the sneakers of their consumers.

Forget the hype. This is how 3D printing will really be used Early adopters envisioned a printer on every kitchen counter, but the reality will be adding customization options to mass-produced goods.
24801799335_7d871c4b7e_bWiivv Innovates from the Foot Up – Techvibes.com Demand for proper foot support is a common focus within the athletic and fitness industries, but what about the everyday
Local Olympian Turns To Vancouver Startup to Help Solve Foot Pain Check out these Wiiv insoles, created by Vancouver entrepreneurs to help solve foot pain
Screenshot-2016-01-26-16.34.35-1050x699Wiivv shows off next generation of insoles on #TheDisruptors | BetaKit Last week, Wiivv co-founder Louis-Victor Jadavji went on The Disruptors to pitch their BASE 3d-printed insoles, which are custom-fit to every customer.
LV_2_Original-2Canadian Forbes Top 30 Under 30 winners share their plans for 2016 | BetaKit We contacted the Canadians that made it to the list in tech-related verticals and spoke to them about why they think they’re making a difference, and their big
BASE Custom 3D Printed Insoles Created By Wiivv (video) – Geeky Gadgets The BASE smartphone companion application supports both iOS and Android devices and can be used to create a custom 3D Pprinted insoles by digitising your foo
Not Your Grandma’s Orthotics – San Diego Magazine – January 2016 – San Diego, California New year, new – shoe? Staying on your feet for long hours at a time just got a whole lot more comfortable with Wiivv’s BASE custom insoles
24187671266_3ace6bbcc4_bWiivv Crowdfunds Custom, 3D-Printed Insoles – Techvibes.com Today Wiivv Wearables launched in North America with a Kickstarter campaign for its BASE 3D printed insole. Wiivv is a
On Kickstarter Now: Wiivv Customized 3D Printed Insoles Solve Common Foot Pain & Fatigue | 3DPrint.com Wiivv is in the business of making 3D printed custom gear with human comfort in mind, starting with the feet. Their custom arches are meant to allow active people to reach their potential without muscle strain.
3ders.org – BASE by Wiivv 3D printed customized insoles now available on Kickstarter | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News Wiivv has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for BASE, a fully customized and biomechanically optimized 3D printed insole that you can order directly through your smartphone.
And The Winner Of Hardware Battlefield 2016 Is… Nima By 6SensorLabs | TechCrunch The competition was very fierce for the third edition of our Hardware Battlefield. 14 shockingly good hardware startups competed to win the coveted Metal Man..
22799_wiivv_255255255Several Canadians Make Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Lists – Techvibes.com Forbes magazine’s fifth annual 30 Under 30 issue hit shelves recently and there are a few Canadians in it. Across
3D-printed insoles are custom fitted via smartphone app Although off-the-shelf shoe inserts exist to provide support and/or cushioning, a bionics company has devised a method of creating affordable, 3D printed custom insoles from 2D snapshots taken on a smartphone.
Wiivv Lets You Create Custom 3D-Printed Insoles | TechCrunch After closing a $3.5M seed round last month, Wiivv is officially launching today at TechCrunch’s CES Hardware Battlefield. The startup’s first product,..
Better Living Through Custom Insoles with Wiivv – TechCrunch CES | TechCrunch TV Wiivv can scan your foot and create a custom-engineered insole that make running sports and long days on your feet more comfortable. on the TechCrunch CESshow..
shamillv30 Under 30 In Manufacturing: Making The Personal ScalableLike last year, companies working on 3D printing are well-emphasized on the list. For example, there’s Louis-Victor Jadavji, 22 and Shamil Hargovan, 27 of Wiivv Wearables, which creates athletic wearables customized to their users.
16469786928_8890d68af6_oGoToMeeting Five: Startups to Watch in 2016 – Techvibes.com     The GoToMeeting Five profiles five of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada each month. The list is curated by Techvibes editorial staff and reflects who’s making waves in our nation’s tech ecosystem right now.
Wiivv’s 3D Printed Insoles Ready for the Consumer Market after $3.5M Seed Round – 3D Printing Industry

The industry of orthotics has seen a Renaissance of sorts ever since 3D printing technology was introduced to the human foot.

3D Print Your Perfect Insoles with Wiivv | Digital Trends Wiivv has raised $3 million in seed funding to bring custom 3D printed insoles to mass market production, all based on scans you take from your smart phone.
Bionics Company Raises Seed Round to 3D Print Custom Body Gear – Techvibes.com Wiivv Wearables has raised a seed round. The Vancouver-based bionics company secured $3.5 million in funding. The Canadian startup has
3ders.org – Wiivv secures $3.5m to develop biomechanically enhanced 3D printed body gear | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News Wiivv Wearables has raised $3.5m in seed round funding to bring their 3D printed insoles to market, and to further develop a proprietary customization engine that can digitally capture 3D information from any part of the body, and produce biomechanically enhanced, 3D print-ready files in just seconds.
Wiivv Closes $3.5M Seed Round & Preps For Kickstarter Debut – Crowdfund Insider Wiivv Wearables Inc.,  a bionics company that creates custom, 3D printed gear, announced this week the closing of $3.5M in seed round funding. Wiivv has de
Wiivv closes $3.5 million seed round, prepares for market entry | BetaKit Vancouver-based Wiiv, a wearables company that creates custom 3D printers body gear, has closed $3.5 million in seed funding.
Wiivv Raises $3 Milllion To Bring 3D-Printed IInsoles To The Maasses | TechCrunch As we approach the inevitable melding of man and machine, we’re going to need a lot more consonants and vowels. That’s why Wiivv is on the case. Wiivv, a..
How this startup is using smartphones and 3D printers to ease foot pain | Financial Post The founders of Wiive Wearables believe they can disrupt the orthotics sector by providing relief for sore feet at a fraction of the price using modern technology

3DPrint -12/3/15
Wiivv Wearables Completes $3.5M Seed Round Funding, Looks Toward Kickstarter Campaign Go To Article

Today in Gear: February 12, 2015 – Gear Patrol Advancements in smartphone photography, ultra lightweight tents, soap on a rope, limited-edition J. Crew boots and more.
Wiivv Wearables Introduces 3D-Printed Insoles Based on Smartphone Photos Wiivv Wearables focuses on using digital augmented technologies to enhance bio-mechanical performance. Based in Silicon Valley, the company headed by former Hewlett Packard 3D printing technology alum…
How 3-D printing can take your pain away – The Globe and Mail Patients take pictures of their feet and Wiivv Wearables’s software produces orthotics that are priced somewhere between drugstore insoles and expensive, podiatrist-designed pairs
North America’s Coolest College Startups 2015 | Inc.com Check out Inc. ‘s seventh class of remarkable student-run businesses.
Twelve Of Today’s Most Impressive Young Entrepreneurs Louis-Victor (“LV”) Jadavji, co-founder, says, “Wiivv helps build stronger, happier, healthier humans from the ground up by enhancing the form, function, and feedback of…
3DPI.TV Interview with Shamil Hargovan from Wiivv – 3D Printing Industry 3DPI.TV talked with the winner of the Inside 3D Printing Startup competition, Shamil Hargovan, the Co-Founder at Wiivv Wearables Company.
Coming Spring 2017: Mass Customized Footwear for Each Unique Foot