From Pain to Comfort: How Wiivv Custom Fit Insoles Can Help

Rigorously Tested & Biomechanically Proven

Our product and biomechanics research has resulted in the cutting-edge designs you see today. It’s this research that has helped develop our specially molded shock-absorbing heel pad that helps to stabilize and cushion your foot strike, and our fully-custom arch support that improves your alignment and enhances your step.

Product Performance Testing

Inverse dynamics revealed that the 3/4 length design, significantly reduces joint load of the knee and hip at 30% gait cycle. This may translate to reduced injuries and increase performance in activities requiring endurance. We measured our rig against competitors, and older iterations, and they did not have the same effect as our launch product.

Biomechanical Validation

By measuring key biomechanical metrics – specifically related to “pronation control” – while a runner fatigues, we were able to see the following trends: wearing Wiivv insoles reduce the risks associated with running injuries, a significant decrease in the forces associated with pronation, and there was less work required from the muscles and ligaments in the ankle to propel the foot forward while running with Wiivv insoles.

Wiivv 100

When we first started out on this journey, we gathered a group of 100 volunteers to give us their unbiased opinion on the Wiivv insole. From this control group, we concluded that: our latest version (I3) was significantly more comfortable for the entire group compared with the first iteration (I1), our 2D capture process was validated via comfort assessment compared to 3D (I3 > I1), and the customization engine was tuned to reflect optimal comfort scores for W100 population. From this, our final insole design was locked in based on feedback from I3.


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