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Wiivv is the only company engineering custom fit, 3D printed footwear using your phone. 
Say hello to the people, technologies and opportunities that make this possible.

“Everybody is unique with incredible human potential, we reflect that in our custom products, innovative culture, and business relationships.”

Shamil Hargovan,  CEO and Co-Founder

“Wiivv is a company that will enable you to take an initiative and run with it to fruition. The teams are driven, engaged and know when to not take themselves too seriously. Everyday is a new adventure and a learning opportunity.”

Jessica Cheung,  Strategic Partnerships Lead

“People at Wiivv are culturally diverse and genuinely willing to help you balance work and life. We have weekly basketball games with leadership, which I love. It shows how accessible they are!”

Andrea Cabral,  Senior Platform Engineering Lead

“Wiivv has a track record of hiring amazing people who are creative, hard-working, and fun.  This has given me many opportunities to work with big-brand partners and grow in my position and field.”

Amy Vandeneynde,  Biomechanics Lead

“At Wiivv we strive to foster a culture of innovation, ownership and teamwork emergent from an environment where the principles of support, empathy and love/respect/care — during both good times and bad — are at the forefront.”

Eric Lin,  Director of Software Engineering

“Wiivv is the first place I've ever worked where I've been able to run with an idea and see it through to completion. Every day is an adventure, and I don't think I could go back to a different type of environment.”

Melissa Mewdell,  Director of Marketing

Our mission

We’re on a mission to sell one million custom fit products by 2023. Our work gives people time back in their lives by reducing pain and improving comfort, which is an opportunity we’re endlessly passionate about. We strive to be innovative, accessible and credible. We work with our shoes off, our minds open and our socks pulled up. We build relationships with colleagues and with customers. We reward teamwork, invention and results.

Our culture

Our working culture is pioneering, independent, urgent and resourceful. We love the maxim that “fortune favors the bold” as much as we love attention to details. We make decisions as a team and believe that strength is built from the middle of a company out, rather than the top down. We come to work on foot as well as by bike, boat, train and car, if necessary. We provide a stocked kitchen, individual training and development, travel, team-building, remarkably comfortable feet, and extensive opportunities for leadership and responsibility.

What we do

Pain takes you away from life. Our work gives people time back for what matters and helps them perform in life. Here’s how we do it.


Wiivv footwear is biomechanically designed and tested. We nerd out on feet and performance.


We create “Goldilocks” designs that combine 3D printed and traditional materials, led by industry veterans and a few unnamed rebels.

Product & Design

Our software product management and design teams envision the future of footwear and make it happen today.

Software Engineering

We pioneered computer vision and machine learning for feet. Our stack is an industry first.

Customer Care

Everybody at Wiivv talks to customers, but nobody does more for them than our Care team.


From awareness to conversion and customer relationships, our marketing team brings comfort to the world.

Business Development

Our BD team lays the commercial runway at an unprecedented time for product innovation.


Finance, human resources and culture keep us humming.

There’s more to work than work

Health & Dental
We offer extended medical coverage so you can stay healthy and thrive.
Dog-Friendly Office
It’s been statistically proven that dogs at work improve morale. Try it here.
Fitness Fund
Living where the mountains meet the ocean has its perks. You should enjoy them in the best of health.
Flexible Hours
We know that life happens, commutes happen, and families happen. So we measure impact over optics.
Transportation Fund
We cast our support for human powered and collective transportation that lightens our footprint.
Healthy Snacks
Our kitchen is stocked and universally loved. Advanced user tip: we take requests!
Learning Opportunities
Your career is self-driven but we take our role seriously by contributing fuel, maps and guidance.
Free Insoles & Sandals
Nobody uses our own products more than we do. Your feet will thank you!

Our current openings

Here are the opportunities we have today: