Custom insoles for your staff

Relieve foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and fatigue across your teams.

How it works


Just let us know how many employees you'd like to outfit with Wiivv insoles. There are no minimums or setup fees.


Hand out the Wiivv Purchase Kit (see below) to your team. Each Kit is good for 1 pair of Wiivv insoles.


Our award winning app to guides you through the 2 minute measurement process. That's it! Custom insoles will be delivered within 7 days.

Custom insoles make happy employees

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Purchase Kit

Wiivv Purchase Kits include everything you need to place an order for your insole. The perfect perk for your team.

Healthier Employees. Less Sick Days.

Wiivv Insoles & Orthotics

Many ways to offer Wiivvs

Staff perk

Give the gift of comfort and safety to your hard working staff and take advantage of our corporate discount rates.


Our custom insoles are ideal for industries where staff on their feet for 6+ hours per day. Working feet deserve Wiivvs.


Whether its construction, hospitality, healthcare, or retail - Wiivv insoles make the ultimate first impression for new staff.


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