Wiivv Employee Wellness Programs

Keep employees happy, healthy & on their feet pain-free with Wiivv Employee Wellness programs.

Wiivv and Your Employee Wellness Program

Wiivv is pleased to partner with organizations committed to employee health, wellness and productivity by offering special Corporate Wellness rates on Wiivv Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles.

Create a culture of wellness

Organizations that invest in employee health and wellness programs see an 8% increase in productivity and 56% lift in morale. – National Business Group on Health, 2005.

Reduce costs

Thousands of people every year report work-related foot pain and injury. Pain-free team members are happier and more productive, which means less absenteeism and fewer increases in healthcare costs.

Increase employee retention

Forty-five percent of people reported that an employer-sponsored wellness program is a great incentive to stay with their current employer. Principal Financial Well-Being Index, 2013.

Proudly Supporting Employees Near You

Working Feet Need Wiivvs

Wiivvs are biometrically designed to relieve foot pain, joint discomfort and general foot fatigue. They have already helped thousands of hardworking people in retail, customer service, healthcare, and emergency services live and work pain-free.

Retail and Customer Service



First Responders

"When it comes to teams that spend most of their time on their feet–baking, brewing coffee and servicing customers–Wiivv is the ultimate employee perk."

Sharon Kasez, Owner of Seven Grams Caffe

"I’m a registered nurse, and am on my feet for 12 hours a day. I’m currently training for my first half-marathon and I absolutely love the support my Wiivv’s give me."

Krista J., Nurse

Now that I’m using your insoles generally, I feel a lot better. I’m an electrician so I am on my feet all day long, up and down ladders, walking on hard concrete, etc. They are a blessing.

Traves G., Electrician

My feet have never felt better. No hotspots, no sore spots, no arch ache – perfect.

Mark P., Firefighter, Fire Officer

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Rely on the science of Wiivv

Rigorously tested using over 50,000 foot scans.

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