Wiivv Custom Insoles

Custom insoles made for you from your phone

Proven to increase comfort and reduce fatigue

Wiivv Custom Insole. Evolved.

Using your feedback and more than 12 million data points from real feet, we evolved the Wiivv Custom Insole into our most comfortable insole yet. Wiivv Insoles are proven to improve comfort, reduce fatigue and make your shoes fit better. Your feet will thank you, we promise.

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“I started with a pair in May of last year. I've since ordered four more.”

– Michael C

Shock-absorbing heel cushion

Absorbs shock so your feet don’t have to, proven to reduce foot fatigue and keep you comfortable longer.

Shock-absorbing heel cushion

Absorbs shock so your feet don’t have to, proven to reduce foot fatigue and keep you comfortable longer.

Dynamic custom arch support

Perfect support and flexibility – exactly where each foot needs it – promotes a natural, healthy range of motion in your ankle and foot.

Multi-zone cushioning

We put more cushion where you need it and less where you don’t so your heel, arch, and forefoot get exactly what they need. It’s juuust right.

Deep contoured heel cup

Anatomically shaped like a real human heel to stabilize and align your foot and ankle.

Long-lasting premium footbed

Our high quality, long-lasting foam supports and cushions your feet step after step.

Breathable fabric

Durable, moisture-wicking fabric provides traction and feels great.

Personalized design

Styled with your name and a design to match your favorite shoes.

How it works


Select your footwear and personalize the designs and colors to suit your style.


Take photos of your feet using the award-winning Wiivv App.


We map, make, and deliver your Wiivvs within 14 days. Happiness guaranteed.

How Wiivv Insoles compare

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ACTUALLY support your arch

$79 - $99

Off the shelf

$20 - $100

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Nearly 80% of the population experiences foot pain. It's time to do something about that.

The problem is, feet weren't designed to walk on concrete. They were designed for grass and earth. When you combine concrete with ill-fitting shoes that bend our feet into unnatural positions, it's no wonder almost 8/10 people's feet hurt. We're here to change that.

Get the support you were designed to have.

We provide you with the natural arch support your feet were designed to have. Our custom insoles distribute pressure and loading across the entire foot, reduce ankle rotation and keep you aligned from the ground up.

Support where you need it, flexibility where you want it

Wiivv Insoles are flexible enough to allow motion in your ankle and foot which capitalizes on your body’s amazing ability to absorb shock and adapt to changes in surfaces. While flexibility is important, we use targeted rigidness in our shell to support your arch where it needs it to reduce the forces acting on foot and ankle with every step.