Our Story

Wiivv (pronounced “weave”) is a pioneering consumer technology company ushering in an era of body-perfect fit and function across the footwear, apparel, orthopedics and sport gear industries. Our goal is to add active, meaningful years to people's lives.

Wiivv designs and creates individually customized products using proprietary 3D-mapping and advanced computer vision technology that is accessible to everyone from their smartphone. Our products are made in the United States using a combination of 3D printing and traditional manufacturing methods. Our company's bionic vision begins with from the ground up, creating a better foundation for every step you take with our Wiivv Custom Fit Insoles and Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals. Everything we ship is rigorously tested, scientifically validated and comes with our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee.

Founded in 2014 by two Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees, Wiivv is based in Vancouver, Canada with a R&D manufacturing center in San Diego, USA. Our passionate, expert team are alumni of such companies as HP, Google, Apple, Nike, 3D Systems, Land Rover, Indochino and Microsoft. Together we have developed an industry-leading adaptive manufacturing platform that brings on-demand, body-perfect products and wearables into the mainstream.

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Our Manifesto

Wiivv was founded to create products that give you the tools to be your exceptional self. We exist to help you squeeze a bit more awesome out of every step, and we are pumped you have joined our tribe.

Our goal is to make perfectly human products; and by that we mean, you, individually, are our product. Because if something’s not made just for you, it’s made for no one in particular.

Our decision to start with custom products for your feet was deliberate. This allowed us to build literally from the ground up in our quest to prove that the human body—your body—can actually do more than it ever has before.

We promise to be relentless in designing, testing and making products that fit you perfectly. And as our products evolve even further, and your comfort and endurance become ever greater, you might just find you achieve more in all you do.

We’re starting by creating products that fit you perfectly and thus enhance your life. Because if our feet feel good, we’re more likely to get off our butts and be active and engaged in our own lives and with others.

Our larger vision is that each footstep we take is a vast source of untapped energy and information. We’re talking bionic enhancement of every person that could add up to ten active years in a person’s life. Because if people can live longer, happier, better lives, we can be more productive and have a bigger and more positive impact in the world. So while we work tirelessly on our big vision, we can’t wait to see where your unique journey will take you.

From all of us at Wiivv,

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