3 out of 5 people experience foot pain

Custom Fit comfort keeps your team moving.


We work with our partners to create memorable events. Using our Wiivv photo capture kiosks, we come to you taking up to 1,000 foot scans per day. Receive a post-event follow-up, including unique foot facts for every scan.

Bring your brand to life

Custom insole designs reflecting your branding and company logo. Customized storefront with your company logo.

Our Custom Products

Feel, move and live your best with insoles and sandals made uniquely for you.

Make every day better.
Just add Wiivvs.

Improve Function

83% report adding Wiivvs improves their function on a day to day basis.

Decrease Pain

90% report adding Wiivvs decreases their arch pain.

They Work

83% report they intend to buy additional Wiivv products.

How it works

Get custom designed insoles and sandals designed for your unique body.

Take care of their feet

  • Airlines
  • Couriers
  • First Responders
  • Healthcare workers
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial Worker
  • Law Enforcement
  • Retail Employees
  • Sports Team
  • Teachers
  • Trades
  • Warehouse Employees

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More resilient feet

Relieve foot pain and fight fatigue for those who spend their days on their feet.

Our studies show people had less foot pain and fatigue at the end of the day when wearing Wiivv insoles.

Our biomechanics engineers have scientifically proven that the millimeters matter; feet weren't made to conform to stock shoe sizes. Take care of your team by giving them the support their feet were designed to have.

Take advantage of our corporate discount rates.

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Ordering made easy

Order Wiivv products for your team with a unique digital code or with our physical 3D printed gift cards, made of recycled materials.

Order via our award-winning mobile app, or with our photo capture kiosk at your personalized event. Wiivv uses computer vision to digitally map over 200 points on each foot.

Custom-fit footwear delivered within 14 days.

Our care team provides responsive support surrounding our app, photo capture, and shipping queries.

Wiivvs are backed by a 30-day happiness guarantee and 1-year warranty. We know your team will love them!

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