Custom insoles for your patients

Offer your patients the most advanced custom-fit insoles without any clunky scanners or moulds.

How it works


Joining our Practitioner Program is as simple as downloading an app. Take advantage of higher margins without any inventory risk.


Our award winning app make it easy to measure, customize, and order insoles directly from your mobile device. No more scans or moulds.


Wiivvs are the fastest growing custom-fit insoles in the world. Costing a fraction of custom orthotics, Wiivvs still provide custom arch support.

Highest rated custom fit insoles

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Wiivv Partners

Retailer Kit

Wiivv Retailer Kits include everything you need to place an order for your patients. Take advantage of risk free inventory.

Happy feet. Happy patients.

All of the profit without the hassle

Alternative to costly orthotics

Custom arch support at a fraction of the cost of orthotics. Our insoles are semi-rigid to allow optimal support and comfort

High margins, low investment

All you need to complete a measurement and order is our award winning mobile. No foot scans, casts, or moulds.

100% happiness guarantee

Exclusive to practitioners, you receive top tier custom support, and hassle free returns and exchanges.


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