Custom insoles for retailers

Offer your customers the most advanced custom-fit insoles using our Wiivv Retailer Kits.

How it works


Joining our Retailer Program is as simple as downloading an app. Take advantage of high margins without any inventory risk.


Order your Retail Starter Kit which includes Retail Kits, POP display, samples, and product training for you and your staff.

High Margin & Low Risk

Wiivv insoles are 100% custom and made to order, so there is no inventory management, tracking stock or complicated sales process.

Thousands of happy customers

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Wiivv Partners

Retailer Kit

Our Retail Kits are specifically designed to bring the online shopping experience to your store. Unlike traditional SKUs, our Retail Kits allow you to follow up with customers, track their experience, and automate re-orders.

Comfortable feet. Happy customers.

All of the profit without the hassle

Exclusive products

Take advantage of high margins relative to generic insoles while reducing your inventory cost. Wiivv custom-fit insoles offer medical grade support, at a fraction of the cost.

Grow sales

Partnering with Wiivv gives traditional retailers an online channel for sales and online retailers a product that increases average cart value.

Happiness guaranteed

Exclusive to retail partners, you receive top tier customer support, and hassle free returns and exchanges. Wiivv handles all the exchanges directly with the customer


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